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About Us

Firm History

Cauthan Construction Company, Inc. is a South Georgia based company that was founded by D. C. Cauthan in 1952. Mr. Cauthan founded the company providing residential construction services. During the early to mid-1960's D.C. moved into the commercial construction industry and remained in commercial construction until he decided to sell his business in 1989 to Mac McRae. 

Mac McRae worked for D.C. for many years before purchasing the company. After purchasing the company Mr. McRae decided to continue to grow the company in the same direction as D.C. Mac also decided to keep the Cauthan name because it had such a reputation for quality work, and this was how he wanted the business to remain known. In 1997 Mac McRae passed away and his wife Christine continued to operate the business until 1999 when she sold the business to her son Michael McRae who remains the current owner. The McRae family has been a staple with Cauthan Construction for over 40 years and continues to pride themselves with the same values that D.C. founded the company on over 70 years ago. 

Cauthan Construction Company offers multi-faceted services. Our experience as a general contractor includes many industries from educational campuses, healthcare, office, industrial, retail, hospitality, and religious campuses. 

We are passionate about what we do and have an unwavering commitment to the promises we make.

Our Values

Built on strong, lasting relationships. We are a Company that prides itself on gaining partnerships through reliability and honesty. We build long lasting relationships with our Clients, Subcontractors, Architectural firms, and local businesses through mutual trust and respect. 

We strive to do the right thing. The Company was founded on honesty, respect, and integrity. We believe this is the foundation to the success of any partnership. 

We care about you. Here at Cauthan Construction we care about all the people we work with.


We strive to provide safe work environments that provide positive results for everyone involved.

Serving Valdosta Since 1952




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