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Wall construction


It is our policy to ensure that every reasonable precaution is taken to prevent accidents. Our company's goal is to maintain a safe working environment by identifying and controlling unsafe working conditions and procedures. 

No task is too important or service so urgent that anyone working for Cauthan Construction Company, Inc. cannot take the time to preform our work safely. We strive to maintain a safe working environment and to assure the smooth functioning of the work at hand. 

All the work performed by Cauthan Construction Company, Inc. will be planned with a view to include accident control measures in work methods to ensure that the methods put into use are inherently safe and natural to normal operation methods. We understand that the illegal use of drugs and the abuse of alcohol are problems that invade the workplace, endangering the health and safety of the abusers and those who work around them.


Cauthan Construction Company, Inc. is committed to creating and maintaining a workplace free of substance abuse without jeopardizing valued employee's job security.

"We strive to eliminate risks before they can do harm on a jobsite."

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